16 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding owned by Janine Oates for 1.5 years

In Janine's words...


About a year and a half ago, I started thinking that it might be possible for me to bring a horse into my life.  I’d been practicing on school horses and other people’s horses for about two and a half years…..and I started thinking I was ready for making that connection – the connection between me and my own horse.


I started doing research, and surfing websites like “DreamHorse”.  One day I tagged every horse on DreamHorse that I found interesting.  There were about 80 of them!  That night, I had the most vivid dream!  One photo kept coming into my dream – over and over again, it hit me straight in the face!  So, I went through all of the horses I’d tagged the day before, and found the one photo…..and it turned out to be Opie (formally named “A Collective Soul”). So, I set out to meet him, as well as a few of the other horses just in case.   And….a short month or so later – Opie was mine!


He is a 16-year-old Tennessee Walker gelding.  A mere 14.3 hands.


And it has been a dreamy affair!  Not the kind usually imagined, but dreamy nonetheless!  It started out with Opie coming to the farm and being completely out-of-his-mind!  I was scared of him for weeks…even months!  It took him a long time to calm down and assimilate in with the rest of the horses – and with me as well.


Now, through lots of training, lots of love, and lots of patience – Opie is really a wonderful partner! He teaches me new things every time I see him, and I teach him something new occasionally too!  I’m so proud of him, every time we work together, he impresses me.  He tries so hard; I can see that in him!  Plus, he is patient with me, as I’m only an intermediate horse person.


I’ve learned so much about groundwork, riding, healthcare, grooming, horse nutrition, hoof care…and everything else!  What a journey!  Plus – I think about him all of the time and just want to spend every moment with him. He has truly changed my life, and I am so thankful for him every day.  Definitely a worthwhile journey…